If you see the results as displayed in the school. You will notice a marked increase in percentage of marks achieved by the students with the passing years.

In 1992, the highest marks a student achieved was 52%. But with gradual increase, in 2002, the highest percentage achieved was 84%.

The tin roof that is the only protection form the hot summer sun and the fierce rains.
But, the students from slums never lose heart. They continue to work harder......
The dedicated staff of the school that does not bother at their meager salaries and the rough working conditions, but work with smiles and dedication for a good cause that is helping thousands of economically weak students.

View of the building....bare minimun

View of the class rooms with tin roof

Please donate generously and help the poor, economically weak slum children to fulfill their dreams.  A LITTLE help from you will be very BIG for poor children.

The school needs following:

Cash help to construct new building

Cash help to buy land and construct new building for junior college

New or old van / car

New or old Computers


School uniforms

Internet connection

Science laboratory equipment


Ceiling fans

Pen, pencils, erasors, compass boxes, sketch pens

Note books, chart papers, drawing accessories